Gianni’s Digital Self

My Digital Self is rather large and growing. Nobody could or should follow me everywhere, also because a lot of my digital meanderings are actually explorations, as I attempt to understand each new Social Network’ unique features. Which better place to start?
 Foursquare Foursquare, the premier location-based SN. I am here, then I am there. Unclear if / how they can make money, and being threatened by Facebook’ check-ins
 Facebook Facebook: 950 million people cannot be wrong? Well, it mostly demonstrates that does not matter how bad the UI is, how confusing the navigation, if all your friends are there, you want to be there, too
 Google+ Google+, the ghost town of Social Networks, but all the “cognoscenti” will tell you it’s so much better than FB; IMHO regardless of the technical merits (and honestly I do not see that much in this area, too) G+ lacks the key feature that makes FB so popular: people!
 Twitter Twitter, great for momentous buzz, but the most ephemeral of Social Networks
 Linkedin LinkedIn, grand-daddy of all professional networks
 Slideshare Slideshare, I present, therefore I am!
 Quora Quora, sharing knowledge one question at a time
 Pinterest Pinterest – images and videos I like. Overweight in cupcakes and shoes, but otherwise fun. C’mon boys, rebalance !!!
 Klout Klout, probably the best-known influence measurement
 Kred Kred, best defined as… a competitor to Klout !
 Xing Xing, think LinkedIn, but focus on Germany (and Turkey)