Hi, nice to meet you.

My name is Gianni Catalfamo, and you can find my full resume here.

After serving for several years as the head of Digital and Social Media in Europe for Ketchum, in 2012 I started my own consultancy in the area of Digital and Social Media, called cc:catalfamo, joining an emerging network of like-minded independent strategic consultants spanning across Europe and operating in different fields of strategic advice.

My specialty is the widespread adoption of digital and social communications techniques in a complex enterprise. Sometimes, I call the radically new different type of enterprise at the other side of the transition the Social Enterprise, a term that I see gaining popularity, despite its fuzziness.

Over the last 10 years I have developed a complete methodology to drive and execute successful digital and social media marketing and communications projects; this methodology was the backbone of Ketchum Pleon’ digital and social media european projects and was applied in multiple client situations in the tech, pharma, consumer goods, automotive, telco industries among others.

My assets are a unique demography (a 56yo digital native) and the ability to drive digital project to successful deployment while gaining senior level buy-in, a critical factor in early stages of the transformation. An extensive international experience spanning most of Europe gained in the coordination of projects for IBM, Lenovo, KitchenAid and the European Popular Party, fluency in italian, english and french and superior communication and team coaching skills complete my value proposition.

I developed a sort of “ideal scenario” where my skills and capabilities can be exploited at the most, whether you are an agency or a client; if you believe your situation is close to the one described here, I’d like to hear from you: I think you’ll agree I am a fairly reachable person, but even if you’re not in such a situation, I’d love to engage with you on the social network of your choice.


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