Speaking engagements T&C

Booking me for a speaking engagement is easy, and usually simply a question of matching dates with existing client commitments. Please review these simple Terms & Conditions, and if you find them acceptable, email me.

  1. I reserve the right to refuse any speaking engagement without reason.
  2. You pay for all travel costs directly – please book business class tickets for air travel beyond 3 hours, to mitigate the effects of long, cramped air travel on me. I have no dietary or other requirements.
  3. The duration of the proposed speaking slot should range between 20′ and 90′.
  4. I only use my own presentation gear (Macbook Air, RF remote, Apple Keynote software); of course, as I need to connect to your projection and sound system through a standard VGA video port and 3.5″ audio jack, I am happy to test connections and do rehearsals as you may require.
  5. I usually upload my slides on Slideshare. However, I am also happy to make them available to you for sharing in .PDF format if you supply me with a USB stick with at least 500 MB of free space. Any sharing you make of my materials should bear full credits and a link back to this site (www.catalfamo.com)